The Hosted Scada Solution that is different!

The Phoenix SCADA Advantage

Our Scada System is centered around Operator Efficiency. It is Cloud Based, built for the IIOT and ready for you. Other Hosted solutions leave you with tables of data, little or no graphics, and not much of a way to convey important information to the operator leading to inefficiency. Our Scada system is designed to be just like a traditional owned scada system and uses the Ignition Scada platform which means software is proven and stable. We Can use our prebuilt templates for many of your locations, or we can also customize the system for your needs. Because of this, we can also transition Clients to an Owned Scada system for them as they grow, utilizing the Clients project they currently use, saving time and money. In addition, We can provide fully trained personnel to remote into their location to assist with troubleshooting problems on site. These features set us apart from the rest. Contact us to learn more!